The story begins

During a journey through Mexico, we had the chance to get into the immense millenary tradition of each town that represents us, getting to know among other things, the way in which different plants and resources provided by nature are used to create the most fantastic natural remedies.
Plants, herbs, unique and miraculous honeys are Mexican treasures, gift from the gods to the benefit of the humanity.
On our journey, we discovered that the Melipona honey, endemic to the Mayan zone, is rich in nutrients, emollients and bactericides, helps even the skin, decreases skin marks, vanishes the wrinkles, and hydrates the skin. When combined with ingredients such as tropical fruits, marigold, cucumber, arnica, rosemary, among others, does real wonders with our skin.
This knowledge has to be shared. That is why DerMaia has come to the world.
DerMaia, a unisex line of products completely natural, made from Melipona honey and natural plants and fruits, with healing properties. A mix of a variety of ingredients that blend harmoniously to create a natural symphony of health, beauty, and youthfulness for your skin.
Your skin will look healthier, younger and more beautiful than ever, thanks to the combination of Melipona honey and medicinal herbs selected specifically to offer each one of our products an additional benefit.